We are continuously monitoring the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19 and regulations and recommendations made by the Norwegian government and the Norwegian Sports Federation. There is a possibility that one or several of the tournaments has to be cancelled/postponed.

Therefor entry fees are not due until the competitions are confirmed.

Entry fees 2021

Slåstad Junior: 250,- NOK per round
Slåstad Open: 1400,- NOK (4 rounds: pick and choose)
Slåstad Fall Slalom: 1050,- NOK (3 rounds: Slalom)
Nationals age categories & disabled: 1200,- NOK (3 events, 400,- per event)
Nationals Open: 1200,- NOK (3 events, 400 per event)

Paypal (+VISA, MasterCard, and so on)

Slåstad Junior 2021
Skier name


Slåstad Open Slåstad Fall Slalom
Skier name
Skier name


Nationals age categories & disabled - 3 events Nationals Open - 3 events
Nationals age categories & disabled - 1 event (add 2x in cart for 2 events) Nationals Open - 1 event (add 2x in cart for 2 events)

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